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The Nearby Supernova Factory has developed a collaborative visual analytics software system to provide distributed access, management, visualization, and analysis of supernova data. Sunfall (the SUperNova Factory Assembly Line) is the SNfactory software framework architecture developed by SNfactory scientists and software engineers in collaboration with the LBNL Visualization Group. Sunfall integrates SNfactory software tools, including the search pipeline, scanning software, remote observing tools, supernova candidate scheduler, and distributed, remote access to the supernova catalog database.

Sunfall incorporates sophisticated astrophysics image processing algorithms, machine learning capabilities including boosted trees and upport vector machines, and astronomical data analysis with a usable, highly interactive visual interface designed to facilitate collaborative decision making. An interdisciplinary group of physicists, astronomers, and computer scientists (with specialties in machine learning, visualization, and user interface design) were involved in all aspects of Sunfall design and implementation. The system has been in operation in SNfactory production for over a year.


SNfactory Pipeline Historical Information

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