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Welcome to the Nearby Supernova Factory! We are pleased to have you join us. Here is a checklist for getting started, including a list of the systems where you'll need accounts.

Lab badge and email account. See Karen or Jeanne to get the employment paperwork filled out and get a Lab badge and email account.
Ask for an SNfactory computer account. Your supervisor will request this for you. It will give you Unix shell access to all the SNfactory desktops and servers.
SNfactory Chat Room. Register an AOL screen name for work-related chats. (You may want to have a different screen name for work and personal chats.) The SNfactory chat room is "snfblah" ("snfactory3k" for summit operations). Chat clients: GAIM for Linux, iChat for Mac OS X, AIM for Windows.
Obtain a Mantis account. Mantis is the SNfactory issue-tracking system. You can use this to report problems with your desktop, packages that need to be installed, software bugs, and other computer-related problems.
Obtain a SNfactory Twiki account. Go to the Twiki Registration form and choose a name and password and fill out the other contact info. (You may need to ask a group member to give you access to this page.)
Optional: Ask to be added to SNfactory mailing lists. These are maintained in France (SNIFS and SNfactory mailing lists). Ask your supervisor to have you added to the relevant subset, or email Pierre Antilogus (P.Antilogus@in2p3.fr).
Scanning or screening candidates? If you are participating in the search, such as working with finding charts or scanning supernova candidate images, you'll need to set up your environment so that you can run IDL, ds9, and the search code. See the scanning procedures on the Twiki for detailed information. You'll also need to access SNtrak. Ask your supervisor for a user name and password.
Writing software? You'll need access to the CVS server to retrieve and check in SNfactory code. See CVS Info for instructions on how to do this.
Modifying the search software? Apply for accounts on PDSF and HPSS. Follow the procedures on those pages. On the New User form, select SNfactory from the drop boxes. Greg Aldering (galdering@lbl.gov) is the contact person for SNfactory. There is a known problem with group permissions on HPSS. Many of our image files are owned by group mp128, which no longer exists. We are currently in group m112. You need to ask Peter Nugent (penugent@lbl.gov) or Cecilia Aragon (aragon@hpcrd.lbl.gov) to add you to group mp128.

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