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Last update # Time-stamp: "2005-12-01 14:28:37 aragon"

Name Current Position Current Status From To
Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, US
Rick Kessler Faculty/Researcher Full Jun 2002
CRAL, Lyon, France
Gilles Adam Faculty/Researcher Associate Jan 2001
Roland Bacon Faculty/Researcher Associate Jan 2001
Christophe Bonnaud PhD-Student Full May 2001
Lionnel Capoani Engineer Builder Jan 2001
Dominique Dubet Engineer Builder Jan 2001
Francois Hénault Engineer Builder Jan 2001
Arlette Pécontal Engineer Builder Jan 2001
Blandine Lantz Engineer Builder Sep 2002 Apr 2004
Jean-Pierre Lemonnier Engineer Builder Jan 2001
Emmanuel Pécontal Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
IPNL, Lyon, France
Nathalie Blanc PhD-Student Full Sep 2003
Gaelle Boudoul Post-Doc Full, Left Oct 2003 Oct 2004
Sébastien Bongard PhD-Student Full June 2001 Nov 2005
Alain Castera Engineer Builder Sep 2001
Yannick Copin Faculty/Researcher Full Sep 2001
Ennanuel Gangler Faculty/Researcher Full Oct 2002
Ludovic Sauge Post-Doc Full Dec 2004
Gerard Smadja Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
LBNL, Berkeley, US
Greg Aldering Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
Cecilia Aragon Faculty/Researcher Full Jul 2005
Stephen Bailey Post-Doc Full Sep 2004
Sébastien Bongard Post-Doc Full Nov 2005
Stewart Loken Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
Peter Nugent Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
Saul Perlmutter Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
Karl Runge Faculty/Researcher Full Nov 2005
Richard Scalzo Post-Doc Full Dec 2003 Jan 2007
James Siegrist Faculty/Researcher Associate Jan 2001
Rollin Thomas Post-Doc Full Sep 2003
Lifan Wang Faculty/Researcher Full, Left Sep 2002 Sep 2006
Benjamin Alan Weaver Post-Doc Full Dec 2004
Michael Wood-Vasey PhD-Student Full, Left Jan 2001 Jul 2004
LPNHE, Paris, France
Pierre Antilogus Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
Pierre Astier Faculty/Researcher Associate Jan 2001
Etienne Barrelet Faculty/Researcher Associate May 2003
Gabriele Garavini Post-Doc Full Nov 2003
Sébastien Gilles PhD-Student Full May 2003
Julien Guy Faculty/Researcher Associate Oct 2003
Emmanuel Hornero Engineer Builder Sep 2004
Claire Juramy PhD-Student Associate May 2003
Didier Imbault Engineer Builder June 2001
Reynald Pain Faculty/Researcher Full Jan 2001
Rui Pereira PhD-Student New April 2005
Nicolas Regnault Faculty/Researcher Associate Jan 2005
Daniel Vincent Engineer Builder June 2002
Yale, US
C. Baltay Faculty/Researcher Full -2004-
A. Bauer Faculty/Researcher Full -2004-
D. Rabinowitz Faculty/Researcher Full -2004-
Richard Scalzo Post-Doc Full Jan 2007
Edward Baron (Univ. Okl.) Faculty/Researcher Associate Dec 2002

"Current Status" refer to the Member status relative to the publication of papers. Types are :
  • Builder : Usually Engineers who help build the SNIFS/SNFactory project (hardware/software). Are invited to sign specific Collaboration papers
  • Associate : Faculty/researchers working part time in the project. Are invited to sign specific Collaboration papers
  • New : Recently joined. Are invited to sign all Collaboration papers after a 6 months presence
  • Full : the core of the Collaboration, sign all Collaboration papers
  • The birthdate of the collaboration has been fixed at January 2001 which corresponds to the signature of the LBL/France MOU.
  • Even though no MOU has been signed up to now with Yale, we fix 2004 as the start of their collaboration with the SNfactory.