Nearby Supernova Factory Spectroscopy Standards

Our preferred list of standards, obtained with modern linear detectors at good resolution, are listed below. Finder charts for these standards are available from ESO or from APO . The standard star names link to IRAF compatible calibration files prepared by Greg Aldering. Our primary standards are those of Bohlin et al.; Our preferred smooth-spectrum star is EG131, but it is visible only part of the year. The next largest set of standards are those from Hamuy. Note that Oke standards don't have complete wavelength coverage, but when combined with the other standards, we can calibrate them ourselves as long as several better standards are observed on the same night. Stars with declination below -40 degrees or secondary standards fainter than 13th magnitude are not considered. Bright stars may require that the telescope be defocused. Old spectrophotometric standards, having only very low resolution calibration, are still commonly listed at many observatories but should be avoided.